Steel "I" Beams and HD Teleposts
Every JMD Custom Home is supported with a steel load bearing beam. Steel has the highest strength to weight ratio of all the other comparable building materials, is fire resistant, and stable. Because steel is an inorganic material, it also will not rot, shrink,twist or split. In conjuction with the HD Teleposts, the steel beam helps ensure the most sturdy home construction.

Tongue and Groove Plywood Subfloor
Plywood subfloor is the quality standard in flooring for the home construction industry. The patented tongue and groove of the flooring is designed to
prevent buckling by accommodating panel expansion due to moisture changes, provide a uniform ridge-free surface, and prevent wedging.
Unlike Oriented Stand Board (OSB), which is common in most homes, Plywood subflooring does not damage as easily when exposed to water. When an OSB panel is exposed to water in excess of its rating, the water is absorbed at its edges, while plywood panels absorb water wherever the water sits. However, while plywood will shrink back to its original thickness, OSB remains swollen.

Subfloor Fasteners and Glue
Fastening subfloors with screws rather than nails, and the use of flooring glue, ensures the necessary hold to keep joists and plywood together, eliminating any gaps, and holding the materials firm. Subfloor fasteners also help to reduce floor squeaks as purpose designed flooring screws have just the right shank size for pulling the flooring plywood tight to the joist.

Decora Style Switches and Plugs
Decora devices are engineered for fine appearance and top performance. The highest quality materials and production methods are used to assure long, trouble-free service. All Decora devices exceed applicable UL, NOM and CSA testing standards.
200 Amp Electrical Panel
To provide the necessary electrical capacity, every JMD Custom Home comes standard with a 200 Amp Electrical Panel. Each distribution panels has a capacity of 84 circuits, ensuring that High-amperage users of electricity such as electric water tanks, electric ovens/ranges, air conditioning systems, electric washers/dryers, central vacuums, and pool pumps/heaters are easily accommodated.
The large panel size also helps ensure that multiple future circuits can be installed for lifestyle upgrades such as saunas, whirlpools, hot tubs, swimming pools, and garage shops.

Arc Fault Circuit Breakers
Arc Fault Circuit protection makes your homes safer. All 15 and 20 amp receptacle outlets in bedrooms are protected by arc-fault circuit beakers. Arc-fault breakers help to reduce the possibility that an electrical arcing incident in a home’s wiring could start a fire. The arc-fault breaker is able to sense the arcing conditions and remove power from the fault before ignition of nearby combustible materials can occur.

PEX Water Lines
Cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) water supply piping is a flexible plastic pipe created using polymer technology that helps create a home water system that doesn’t corrode or develop pinhole leaks. The system is chlorine-resistant, scale-resistant, and has fewer fittings than rigid plastic and metallic pipe.

Tyvek® Home Wrap
Wrapping a home or building in a weather-resistant barrier is not just good sense, it’s good building practice. DuPont™ Tyvek®, with more than 30 years of performance in millions of homes, is the building wrap of choice for quality builders.
The wrap helps combat water, moisture and air infiltration that are any structure’s worst enemies. Allowed to penetrate behind siding, wind-driven rain and moisture can saturate walls, creating a breeding ground for mold, mildew and wood rot. The properties of Tyvek® do not support the growth of mold or mildew.
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At JMD Custom Homes, we hold each home we build with the highest regard, using materials that reflect our high standards of design and quality craftsmanship. This commitment to excellence has consistently been recognized by our homeowners, and that's why we use products manufactured by world-renowned manufacturers of home building products. Our vendors offer some of the finest products available, helping us meet today's standards for quality and style, and enhancing your new home in many ways for lasting impressions from room to room.

We are proud to use the following vendors and manufacturers in our homes:

Kitchen and Bath:
Kitchen Craft
The Ensuite


Windows and Doors:
All Weather Windows
Overhead Doors

Wall and Ceiling:

Woodland Supply

In addition, please take the time to view some of our affiliate websites:

  • Kohler
  • Trane
  • NuTone
  • Owens Corning
  • Schlage
  • Moen


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Once you have decided on the size, type, site, and budget for your house, we will draw up a purchase agreement with the details of your new home. The following will help you become familiar with the many steps and procedures involved in completing your new home and has been design to keep you aware of both the process and timing of various decisions you will be required to make during this enjoyable building experience.

Step 1: Obtain Mortgage Financing (if applicable)
Written confirmation of financing must be received by our office before we can proceed further.

Step 2: Home Plan Development
During this phase, a plan for your home will be developed based on your needs. This may include developing a new plan or modifying an existing plan. Please allow approximately two or three weeks; every attempt will be made to complete it sooner, depending upon the extent of required changes.

Step 3: Colour Selections
You will be requested to make exterior colour choices regarding shingles, sofit and fascia; stucco, brick, or cultured stone where applicable, fireplace facings, carpet, vinyl, ceramic tiles, hardwood, kitchen cabinets, laminate or granite counter top colours, front entry door, type and colour of casing and baseboards. These selections are considered final after a 48 hour period, at which time no reselections will be possible. Please keep in mind that most components must be ordered well in advance of installation, as in some situations delivery time may be in excess of 12-16 weeks.

To assist you in your selection of colours, we will provide you up to 2 meetings of up to a total of 3 hours with our Colour Design and Décor Consultant. In order to make the best use of the allocated time, please give some thought to what you want prior to your appointment.

Step 4: JMD Custom Homes Applies for a building permit
At this stage, all of the applicable documents created are now submitted to the appropriate authority for issuance of a building permit. The normal time span from submittal to issuance is 7-10 working days, after which time construction can commence.


Step 5: Construction Period
JMD Custom Homes goal is to complete the construction of your new home within six months of the approval of financing. In five to six weeks, under normal conditions, you will see your basement complete or nearing completion and your home framed in about 10 weeks. By now, approximately 14 weeks will have elapsed since you signed your Agreement.


Step 6: Final Walk Through
Your final walk through will be completed with a JMD Custom Homes representative. To outline what occurs during the walk through the following is a brief description:

1. Paint touch-up walk through at which time you, the owner(s), will point out any paint or drywall deficiencies to be repaired to the painter's or JMD Custom Homes representative.
2. You will walk through your home and will be explained various maintenance procedures as well as explaining for example, the function of the central exhaust system, air conditioner or any other products that may have been installed in your home.
We will write down any deficiencies that may be found and address them at that time. When the walk through is completed, the homeowner will sign the appropriate documents.
3. Please have all legalities and monies transferred prior to the walk through to enable us to handover the keys to you at that time.

Step7: Occupancy
You move into your new JMD Custom Home!

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