How to write a check without an accountant in the loop

If you’re looking for an easy way to pay your bills, now is your chance.

A new study from Georgetown University shows that most Americans don’t realize they can use a computerized bank account as a private money order for their medical bills.

According to a report published Wednesday by the National Bureau of Economic Research, almost one in five American adults said they use a credit card to pay for their healthcare bills.

The report found that of those who used a credit or debit card, less than half of them actually received their medical bill, or just $2.19, in the form of a check.

But according to the study, that figure is much higher than for Medicare beneficiaries.

Only about a quarter of Medicare beneficiaries actually received a payment in the mail.

The study also found that while a small number of people are aware that they can make a payment online, most people still don’t use it.

“We found that most people don’t even know they can do it, and so, the question becomes, do they need to know?

Or is it easier to do it online?

That’s the real issue with paying for your healthcare,” said Andrew Bacevich, the study’s lead author and an economist at Georgetown University.

Bacevich also noted that the study found that more than half (52 percent) of people were not familiar with how to make a check, even though most of those people were using a credit and debit card to make the payment.

“The number one thing that’s important is to understand how to pay with a credit, debit card and, most importantly, to be able to send money electronically,” Baceovich said.

“That’s really the biggest hurdle for many people, especially those who don’t have a credit history, is that they don’t know how to do that.”

The study, which analyzed responses from 3,000 people across the country, found that only 21 percent of people who used the online banking option said they were able to pay their healthcare bill with a check or money order.

The survey also found the average amount of money that Americans sent to a credit/debit card payment was just $1.49, with a median amount of $2 in payments.

The researchers said they hope the findings will help inform the healthcare reform bill that’s being debated in Congress.

They also hope to help educate the public about the new ways that Americans can pay for healthcare.

The study comes as lawmakers continue to grapple with how the healthcare system will work under a healthcare reform law that allows individuals to buy private insurance without a co-pay.

It’s also likely to fuel opposition to the bill from Republican lawmakers who have said the reform bill does not include enough safeguards to ensure that insurance companies are able to compete in a health care marketplace.

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