How To Get Away With Murder, Theatrical Release Date, And More!

On the second night of the second season of Netflix’s Theatres Of Murder, we get to see some of the most gruesome murders yet in a season full of gruesome murders, as well as a glimpse into the world of Theatrics Of Murder.

The first night of The Atreases Of Murder is filled with gruesome murders and a dark secret.

We learn more about the murders and some of their victims and the killer.

We also get a look at the characters of The A.V. Club, including Claire (Lauren Graham) and her husband, Theo (Will McIntosh), as well the mysterious Mr. Black (Joe Lo Truglio).

The next day, we meet up with Claire’s parents, and she and Theo have a talk about their relationship.

That night, Claire meets with her dad, who asks her to tell him what happened that night.

“What I want you to know is that I can’t stop talking about it,” Claire says.

“I’ve been trying to get out of it, but I can never get past the fact that it’s happened to me.”

She tells her dad that she has been having nightmares since she was six months old, and that the nightmares have become more frequent and more violent as her brother’s life has changed.

“He has the same kind of behavior as you, that kind of sadistic and violent behavior that he had when I was growing up,” Claire tells her father.

“It’s not my fault, it’s not something I could ever control.

I’m just being haunted by it.”

Claire goes on to tell her father that she is afraid of what she’s hearing, because she has never told anyone about her nightmares.

Claire then tells her parents that she will never forgive herself for what she did, and will never be the person she used to be.

“If I don’t say it out loud, they’ll never know, because I won’t say anything,” Claire whispers.

“That’s not a choice I can make, but that’s not the choice I made, and I won: I’m sorry.”

At the end of the episode, Claire’s father tells her that he’s done.

He leaves her at home.

“You know, we had a beautiful daughter,” Claire’s dad says, in reference to Claire’s mother, Claire (Lana Parrilla), in reference of the couple’s daughter, Alyssa.

“She’s going to be a mother and a wife and a mother to me and her, and we’ll make this right.

We’ll make it.”

Alyssas and Claire are reunited in this episode.

Alysses has the heart of a child and the spirit of a mother.

Claire has the mind of a man.

A little bit of both.

“Theatrical release date: September 28, 2018” Theatricia Of Murder Season 2 premieres on Netflix on September 28.

Watch a trailer for this new season of The atreases of murder below.

WATCH MORE VIDEOS We’ll be back with more news on Theatrices Of Murder as it becomes available.

WATCH: Theatrice Of Murder: A Behind The Scenes Look At Season 2:

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