Which books should you buy with Amazon?

A new survey of 1,000 people has revealed that the internet giants offer a more attractive alternative to traditional bookselling platforms. 

The survey of over 1,100 people who have used the online bookselling platform Amazon from May to October 2016 found that about a third of respondents said they would buy a book from Amazon if the offer was the same as that offered by the bookseller.

However, the survey found that only 29% of those surveyed said they were more likely to buy a paperback from Amazon than a book at a traditional bookseller, and only 13% would buy books from a non-traditional bookseller like Borders or Barnes & Noble. 

But the survey also found that many people who use Amazon say that their favourite books are also available on a variety of other platforms, including Amazon.com, Apple’s iTunes and Barnes & Nobles.

In the US, the number of books available from Amazon grew from 3,834,000 in the fourth quarter of 2015 to 5,638,000 in the third quarter of 2017, the National Association of Booksellers said in a statement.

Amazon also has its own “shopping experience” section on its website. 

When people are prompted to search for books through this section, the retailer suggests books for them to buy from Amazon as well. 

Amazon also offers a range of “buy books now” deals that allow users to save money on books, including an annual book sale that allows users to pay for a book within the next year. 

However, a new report from the Association of American Publishers found that the majority of the books available on Amazon’s platform were not available to buy directly from publishers, or even from independent booksellers.

The association’s report found that about 30% of the total US market is made up of “independents” (those that earn less than $100,000 a year) and the remaining market is composed of publishers and publishers-owned companies, such as Barnes &Nobles, Penguin and Random House.

Amazon said it had been working with independent bookseller groups to improve its services.

“We are proud to partner with some of the largest independent bookshops, including Barnes & Nobel, Penguin, Random House and Penguin Random House, to provide customers with a more seamless and personalized experience when shopping for their books on Amazon,” Amazon said in the statement.

“These groups have been very supportive of our strategy to develop a new approach to selling books, and they will continue to be a crucial partner for us in the years to come.”

Read more: Amazon’s new Prime service promises more affordable, convenient shopping for its customers The USA Today reported that Amazon’s Prime service will allow customers to book books directly through the website and to save up to 30% on books from participating publishers.

It is also likely that the retailer will begin to offer more Amazon Prime-branded books.

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