Bezos to Amazon: Take your orders from your personal email address

Bezos will allow Amazon customers to order from his personal email account starting today, the company said.

Amazon customers who log in to their account will be able to use Amazon Prime Now, the subscription service that lets them save up to $200 off a $99 order.

Prime Now also offers a personalized delivery service, which can include Amazon’s signature red boxes.

“This change is about helping customers get what they need faster, at the lowest price possible, so that they can spend more time with their family and friends,” Amazon said in a blog post.

“We hope that Amazon customers will use this new experience to make the most of the time they have with us and with Amazon.”

The change will be rolled out in a few more cities and states, including New York, Seattle, Boston and Los Angeles.

Amazon Prime Now customers can use the service to save up $200 on Amazon’s standard Prime membership plan, and they can get a personalized $5 delivery.

Amazon’s service costs $99.99 per year, with free shipping on most items.

For example, a customer who wants to order a $100 item and pay $30 will pay $120 for the whole order.

A customer who orders a $200 item and pays $50 will pay only $100.

The $50 savings will be applied to the $200 order.

To order a package, a person needs to log into their account with Amazon.

Once a customer signs up for Amazon Prime, they will receive an email from the company informing them that they are now able to order.

The email will ask for their address and a shipping address, along with instructions for ordering.

Customers can choose to have their order sent to their address, or they can choose not to have an email sent to them, as long as they pick up the package.

The order will be shipped on Monday, the day after the customer’s email is sent.

Amazon customers can choose from three delivery options, including the signature red box, and a personalized FedEx package.

Customers will also receive a message informing them when their order has shipped.

The message will say when they can expect the order to arrive, and the price.

Customers who opt to pay for a signature delivery will get a tracking number, along the lines of Amazon’s own, as well as an itemized shipping receipt.

Amazon Prime members can get personalized shipping by purchasing a shipping coupon for $1 off the cost of an order, which is available to members in all states.

Amazon’s signature delivery service is similar to that of its other competitors, like Google, Amazon’s competitor to Google Fiber, and AT&T’s T-Mobile US.

While Amazon Prime is more expensive than those services, the service is cheaper than those competitors’ plans.

According to the company, Prime Now is available in 25,000 retail locations in the U.S. and Canada, including a few large cities.

As of last week, Amazon has 1.5 million Prime members, and it is currently offering a $5 discount to all Prime members for the first year.

Prime memberships cost $99 per month, but can be extended for a year at $59.99.

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