How the economy is changing for you

By Michael J. Casey The economy is making strides, but it is still far from where it needs to be.

In fact, the unemployment rate in the U.S. has been climbing for years, and it has fallen by about 10% in the past five months, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The economy has also been getting bigger, which means that it will take longer for companies to hire people, and for consumers to spend more money.

For most Americans, though, the big question is how much faster the economy can improve, and how much longer the jobs that have been created will last.

As of Friday, the number of unemployed Americans stood at 4.9 million, according the Labor Department.

The unemployment rate is much higher than the unemployment numbers for the weeks immediately after the November elections.

The jobs-creation rate, which measures how many jobs were created, was 2.8% in November and 1.6% in December, according a Gallup poll taken last week.

So far this year, the jobless rate has fallen to 0.6%.

But even that low rate masks some of the problems facing the U and the nation.

Some of the hardest hit industries have not been doing well at all.

The mining industry, for example, has been struggling in recent years.

Its mining output has fallen more than 25% over the past year, and its output has been shrinking since the recession began.

Some economists worry that mining jobs will stay with fewer people.

Another area that has suffered from a lack of job creation is health care.

The number of uninsured Americans has soared to an all-time high of 31.4 million in January.

But the percentage of Americans without health insurance rose to 28.9% in January, up from 21.9%, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation analysis of data from the U: the second-highest percentage since the Great Depression.

In many other industries, like construction, the labor force participation rate, or the percentage that is not in the labor market, has increased in recent months.

But in the mining sector, it has declined.

In November, the mining employment rate was 29.4%.

By comparison, the manufacturing employment rate is at a career high at 28.7%, according a recent survey from the Institute for Supply Management.

“The recovery in manufacturing has been uneven,” said Steve Lutz, a senior economist at the Institute.

“We’ve had some very encouraging signs of job growth, but we have still got a long way to go.”

A combination of factors is behind the slowdown in job creation.

Some factors include: Economic growth slowed in recent quarters.

There were no new jobs added in the first six months of 2017, and unemployment has been rising.

But companies have been hiring.

The recovery has slowed in the last two quarters, according: a survey of economists by the Economic Policy Institute, which tracks economic indicators.

That is because businesses have been forced to pay workers a higher wage.

“A lot of the growth that’s happened in the manufacturing sector is not reflected in the employment numbers,” said Scott Greenberg, the institute’s vice president for research and analysis.

“That’s been really disappointing.”

Some economists say that the jobs created by businesses are not enough.

The U.K. government said that the U-20 manufacturing survey, which provides data on the manufacturing jobs created for each year from 1979 to 2016, showed that the industry has added just 14,000 jobs in the four years since the Brexit vote.

That number is about the same as the total jobs added during the Great Recession, and the number is lower than the number that would be expected if the economy were growing at a more normal rate.

The government’s jobs report also showed that manufacturing has had little growth in the second half of this year.

The manufacturing jobs added so far this fiscal year have been only 14,900.

The Commerce Department’s manufacturing jobs report, released Friday, showed there were 19.9m jobs in manufacturing, down from 20.5m in the previous quarter.

But that number is down from the total of 27.1m jobs added the previous year.

In January, the UBS Global Institute reported that manufacturing jobs in Britain had fallen by almost one-third, while manufacturing employment in the United States had risen by almost 10%.

It said that manufacturing job losses could have been much worse if the Brexit votes had not happened.

Manufacturing jobs have been shrinking.

There have been about 1.4m manufacturing jobs lost in the five years since 2009, according Topper Research, a consulting firm.

The decline in manufacturing jobs could be due to many factors, including the recession, the global financial crisis, and job cuts in other sectors.

The drop in manufacturing employment could also reflect the rise in technology and automation, which has led to lower pay and benefits, and reduced opportunities for workers to stay in the industry.

The job loss in the UK could also be because of the recession.

The economic recovery has been sluggish.

The labor market has not kept pace with

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