What happens when a restaurant opens in the heart of Jerusalem?

By DAVID CHAGEN and ANTONA SCHULMANPublished Nov 15, 2018 06:52:18It’s a small, two-story building with the same name on a busy street in the central West Bank town of Hebron.

Inside is a private dining room, with a table for three, with seats reserved for diners.

It’s open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and is equipped with modern appliances, including a free Wi-Fi.

It also has a bar.

The menu is simple, but it is not easy to follow.

The owner’s son, who has been at the restaurant for nearly a decade, offers the same dishes as other customers, without changing the recipe.

“They make the rice, they make the salad, they prepare the bread,” he said.

“There are different types of salad.”

This is the same restaurant, he said, that opened in January.

“This is a place where the owner can open his restaurant and make his own business,” he added.

In Israel, where most Israeli restaurants are closed to the public, a restaurant can be a model for the Israeli economy.

A business can be successful, because it allows Israeli citizens to earn money, and it is a model of entrepreneurship, said the head of the Israeli Association of Private Restaurants, Meir Shamir.

“It is a sign that the Israeli restaurant industry is growing,” he told Al Jazeera.

The owners of this private dining establishment in Hebron have come up with a new concept.

They have created a business model that is not only profitable, but also a sign of Israeli entrepreneurship.

“A restaurant like this will be a new way for Israeli entrepreneurs to expand their businesses in Israel,” said Shamir, who also heads the Israeli Restaurant Association.

This restaurant, opened on January 10, was founded by three Israeli entrepreneurs.

A third entrepreneur, who lives in Israel and is not a regular customer of the restaurant, is the sole owner of the business.

The name of the owner, Nidal al-Khalifa, means “the star.”

It is a name given to the first person who was born in the city of Hebra, the birthplace of Israel’s founding fathers.

It has been a dream of al-Rifaat, the owner of this restaurant, for years.

He was studying at university in Hebra when he decided to open his own restaurant.

It was his dream to open a restaurant in a city that has always been under Israeli occupation.

He opened his first restaurant in the occupied West Bank city of Jenin, a small town in the southern part of the occupied Palestinian territory.

“I was working in a factory and I decided to become a businessman, and then I wanted to open my own restaurant,” he explained.

He then opened a second restaurant, and the third restaurant, which is in the same town, in Hebrons home city of Bethlehem.

“The idea was that this would be a restaurant that could offer an outlet to people in Hebror and the area around Hebron, as well as to tourists,” he recalled.

“But this restaurant became a reality and is still going strong.”

The restaurant is one of the few in Israel that does not close during the day, which means that it remains open during the Jewish holiday of Shavuot, when many Palestinians and their relatives come to visit.

Al-Rafaat and his family have always been successful in their business, but now, with the opening of this new restaurant, they want to take it to the next level.

Al-Rafah and his brother, Mohammed, opened the restaurant with just a few months of work, with al-Dhahab, an Israeli entrepreneur, in charge of the operation.

“My brother Mohammed and I have spent a long time working on this project,” al-Alaas said.

“We are very passionate about this concept.

We want to create a restaurant where the guests can come for lunch, and for dinner, and to watch the sunset and have a good time.”

A restaurant is an important element of a Palestinian economy, said Jamal Abu Jahl, director of the Palestinian Center for Economic Development in the West Bank.

“Israel is a country where people live with a lot of restrictions, and Palestinian businesses are struggling.

Israel is a small country, and a lot goes on, but when the Palestinian entrepreneurs are able to open their businesses, they create a lot,” he argued.

He said that the opening up of private restaurants by Palestinians is not always welcomed by Israeli businessmen, who view them as an obstacle to the development of their own businesses.

“Some of the private restaurants are seen as an impediment to the creation of new businesses,” said Abu Jalal.

“This can also lead to resentment and resentment toward Palestinians.”

But Al-Alas said he was confident in his restaurant, in part because of the support he received from other Israeli businessmen.

“For me, I am

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