What you need to know about Amazon and Amazon Prime members

Amazon and its Prime membership program are among the most popular retailers in the U.S. — and they have a lot to be proud of.

But how do they compare to competitors like Walmart and Target?

That’s exactly what Amazon Prime subscribers and customers are trying to find out with the launch of a new study by Target.

In its new study, Target says Amazon’s Prime membership and the retailer’s Prime business model make up “a large share of the total number of orders” at the retailer.

“Our Prime memberships, including Prime Business, are the most important driver of Amazon orders, with more than 100 million in-store orders, and nearly 200 million online orders,” Target says in its announcement.

“The majority of those orders are from Prime Business members, which make up nearly half of Amazon’s total orders.”

The survey asks respondents what they want to know.

It was conducted in early August.

Target is offering Amazon Prime as an upgrade for existing Prime members.

The retailer also offers a $50 annual Amazon gift card for Prime members, as well as a membership for its Amazon Web Services platform.

The company also offers Prime membership for new customers and recently opened its own website, AmazonPrime.com, which offers additional discounts on Amazon products.

“We think Amazon Prime offers customers a fantastic deal on all of their favorite brands, and they are more likely to shop for items from Amazon than from competitors,” Target CEO Brian Cornell said in a statement.

“Amazon has become the most widely-used online retail marketplace in the world, and we believe this survey shows Prime is a very effective way for consumers to find great deals on products they love.”

In addition to Prime membership, Target has been offering a $25 credit toward eligible Amazon purchases through its Prime Rewards program.

Amazon Prime’s other perks include Prime Day, Amazon Prime Mobile and Prime Day Shipping.

Target also offers Amazon Prime access to its Alexa smart speaker, which has been an Amazon favorite.

Amazon’s Alexa speaker can stream Amazon Prime TV shows and movies to Amazon Fire TV, and the Amazon Echo can do the same with Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Prime’s Prime members also have access to free shipping on orders of up to $250, and free delivery on orders over $250.

Target offers Amazon membership for $75 annually and also offers free shipping for Amazon orders.

Target also offers an Amazon Echo Dot, a home theater hub with Alexa capabilities that will eventually include Amazon Echo speaker and other Amazon products, Amazon Alexa Dot and Alexa Dot Home accessories.

Amazon also offers unlimited free shipping to Prime members for orders over the $50 mark, as part of a three-year, $7.99 membership that is available to existing members.

Amazon also offers two free Prime members-only packages for new Amazon customers.

Target’s Amazon Prime membership offers $99 annual membership, which includes Amazon Prime, a free shipping credit and a $5 Amazon gift certificate.

Target says it offers Prime Day shipping to all customers, as a way to get the most bang for your buck.

Target says it also offers memberships for $20 per year for a year, which is available through an introductory offer for customers who are interested in joining the program.

Amazon is also offering free shipping through Prime for customers with Prime Day orders, as the company is adding free shipping credits to existing Prime orders.

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