How to order online from Amazon in India

Amazon’s Indian operations have been hit by an onslaught of orders from Indian customers who have complained that the online giant’s online ordering service has been slow, expensive and not available for them.

India is one of the largest foreign buyers of Amazon and one of its fastest growing markets.

It has about 8 million Amazon Prime members and more than 4 million customers using the company’s free delivery service Prime Now.

Indian Prime Now customers can use Amazon’s free shipping service to pick up their orders, which is cheaper than regular shipping and cheaper than other carriers, but they must pay for delivery.

Amazon’s online order management platform, Prime Now, has been plagued by customer complaints.

The platform does not allow people to choose an exact price, making it difficult to predict exactly how much of an item will cost or when it will arrive.

Prime Now has struggled to deliver orders since December, and the company has struggled in recent weeks to bring in orders as the demand for the service has waned.

Amazon India did not respond to requests for comment.

Many Indian Prime Now users have also complained that they have been charged high prices for their orders.

A report by research firm eMarketer in February showed Amazon’s India sales grew only 1.5% during the first half of 2017, compared with a 3.6% increase in the same period last year.

The company has been struggling to turn around its online ordering platform, which has seen thousands of people leave Amazon to join competitors like Alibaba and Snapdeal.

The Indian Prime service was launched in July 2017 and launched in the United States in December.

But the new platform has been hit hard by the wave of Amazon Prime orders, forcing Amazon to increase prices on its products.

In the first two months of 2017 the price of a Kindle e-reader rose by 15% and the price for a new Amazon Prime membership rose by 30%, according to data from eMarker.

On Thursday, Amazon launched its new Prime service in India, which costs just Rs1,000 ($1,100).

The price increase will be free for Indian Prime members, while the new Prime membership is only available to Prime Now members.

Amazon has also increased the price on all its other products in India.

The company said it is looking to expand its Indian operations in the coming months.

Earlier this week, the company announced a $1 billion investment in its Indian business.

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