How to use Etsy’s private ordering feature

Etsy has launched private ordering for its customers, allowing them to make their own custom orders using their credit card, debit card or PayPal.

The site lets customers order goods and services for their own personal use, such as paying for wedding photos, or ordering a new pair of sneakers.

Etsy says the new feature is a way to help people buy more stuff.

“It’s a way for us to let people shop around their budget and their goals, rather than just focusing on our own personal tastes,” Etsy co-founder and CEO Max Levchin told CNBC.

Users can use their credit cards to order goods like coffee and clothing, or pay using PayPal, the online payment service that’s popular with freelancers.

Customers can also use their PayPal account to pay for items like clothing, accessories, and other purchases.

Etsy offers a list of pre-built shopping carts, but the company doesn’t disclose their prices.

The new feature allows users to order products like coffee, shoes, and more.

Etsy is partnering with a small group of merchants, including Nike, Macy’s, and Target, to test the feature.

The feature comes in two parts: First, customers can order through a cart, where a cart of items from their shopping list is shown for them to pick out.

Then, a list with items on the left and items on top is displayed to buyers.

Etsy has no official word on how many items will be on the list.

Once the order is completed, a buyer can pay using their PayPal or credit card.

Etsy can also charge fees to cover delivery costs, but it says those fees will be hidden from customers.

Customer orders are currently available to the public and can be placed with any credit card on Etsy.

It’s not clear if other retailers will be offering this option.

“Customers may order items through any payment method, including PayPal, but may also order through PayPal through Etsy’s payment platform,” Etsy said.

Customs officials will monitor Etsy’s new feature, Levchin said.

“We want to make sure that this is a good thing for our customers, and it’s a good way to improve the way we do business.”

The company has more than 5 million customers, according to its most recent earnings report.

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