How a secret sale of personal data in Amazon’s UK cloud ended up in a private legal battle

Amazon has been ordered to pay £4.5m to two Britons who claim they were tricked into buying the personal data of up to 300,000 customers in Amazon UK’s cloud.

The company had denied that the sales were carried out through a legitimate channel, and it has said it has “no interest” in selling the data.

The lawsuit against Amazon by two customers was filed in the UK’s High Court by UK privacy campaigner Ben Eltham.

The defendants were named as Michael McAllister and Andrew O’Sullivan.

They claim they bought the data from a “trusted third party” called DataDynamics Ltd, which bought the product “for the sole purpose of selling it on Amazon”.

The two Britons claim they purchased the product from Amazon for “under $2,000” and they had been told by the company’s sales team to “buy as much as you can”.

However, after they received the purchase order they were told they were not buying the product, but a “secret sale” to the company.

The complaint was made in February 2017 and has been referred to a judge, who is currently hearing the case.

In January 2018, Amazon said it was aware of the case and had begun a review into the sales process.

The court document in the case said that the Amazon sales team had given McAllisters and O’ Sullivan a list of names and addresses of customers who had bought products from the Amazon Cloud.

The two complainants claimed that the list was “vastly expanded” and contained more than 3,000 people.

In March 2018, McAlliers and O’ts Sullivan filed a lawsuit against the company, claiming that they had no knowledge of the sales in question.

They said that they did not receive any confirmation of the sale from Amazon and had not been told about the sales through the sales agent.

The plaintiffs also alleged that they were unable to receive any information about the product and that their purchases were “unreasonably delayed” and “unconscionable”.

Amazon said in a statement that it “had no knowledge” of the alleged sales.

“We have an active, transparent process in place for ensuring our customers receive the best possible value for money, with no recourse if their order is not fulfilled,” it added.

In a separate lawsuit, McAnders and O’s Sullivan claim that they purchased personal data from Amazon in December 2016 and in January 2017, and they have since paid $1,500 each in legal fees.

The companies’ claims are separate and separate, and the case is still ongoing.

In October 2018, a judge in the British Virgin Islands ruled that the lawsuit could proceed, and Amazon agreed to pay $1m in legal costs.

It added that it would have to pay for any further costs relating to the case, and that it was committed to “further investigation” into the allegations in the lawsuit.

Amazon has a history of having its services used for criminal purposes, including fraud and tax evasion.

In July 2018, it was revealed that the firm was using third-party vendors to handle data from hundreds of thousands of people and that the company was using a cloud storage service called CloudFormation to handle that data.

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