What you need to know about Amazon’s latest privacy policies

A week after Amazon’s privacy policies were published in full on its website, privacy advocates said it was “inconceivable” the company would be a proponent of its new privacy policies.

Amazon’s new policies are being criticized for not allowing Amazon to explicitly state whether it will disclose the privacy practices of its suppliers and users.

Amazon has long been a target of consumer advocates and privacy advocates for its collection of personal data about its customers, which it then sells to marketers and advertisers.

In recent months, the company has come under fire for collecting a huge amount of personal information from Amazon customers, including credit card numbers and browsing history.

The company said Tuesday that its privacy policy “does not allow Amazon to disclose the number of customers whose information we share with third parties, or to disclose what information we collect or share with other companies or governments.”

It said it also does not allow the public to view any of the information we receive from third parties and that we will not “give a user’s credit card number, email address, or any other personally identifiable information to third parties.”

The privacy policies are the latest twist in a legal battle between the Internet giant and the consumer advocacy group Electronic Frontier Foundation.

The policy change came after the Electronic Privacy Information Center, which advocates for civil liberties, filed a lawsuit in California against Amazon in February, saying the company had failed to comply with a court order that required it to disclose to consumers whether it stores customer information.

The Electronic Privacy Commission and other privacy advocates have accused Amazon of selling customer data to marketers for a variety of reasons, including advertising.

Amazon says the new policies will only give the public “a very limited view” of its relationship with its suppliers.

Amazon says it has “no role whatsoever in the collection or use of credit card or shopping information by third parties.

It also claims that no one has ever requested that it share their credit card information with any third party.”

Privacy advocates said that’s simply not true.

“This is Amazon selling you your personal information for a third party’s marketing purposes,” said Laura Gallucci, senior counsel at the Electronic Frontier Institute, which helped the Electronic Data Privacy Act of 1986.

“And if the company is going to sell you that information, it’s not going to be for its own purposes.”

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