Family feuding over $1 million divorce bill sparks divorce battle

An Ohio couple’s divorce dispute escalated to a $1.2 million-plus divorce, as one woman accused the other of cheating on her.

The couple sued former partner Patrick Patterson, an attorney in Columbus, and a former boyfriend, Joshua Turner, on March 4, claiming that Patterson’s estranged wife, Mary, cheated on Patterson with Turner during a private marriage ceremony.

Patterson, who lives in New York, told the court that Turner and Patterson did not get married because Patterson was not married.

Mary Patterson said Patterson called her in March to say he wanted to go to the altar and say a prayer and that she needed to get married, but he had no idea what Patterson had planned.

Patterson claimed he didn’t know the plan had anything to do with his wife and that he didn.

Patterson then told the woman that he had been married to Mary Patterson for 17 years and she would never have a child without him, Patterson said.

Patterson said he had tried to arrange for a private wedding but that Mary Patterson had rejected the idea because she was worried about him.

Mary and Patrick Patterson had been together for more than 15 years, according to court documents.

Patterson has lived in Ohio for more years than Mary and is divorced.

In a statement, Patterson’s attorney, John B. Bennett, said Patterson is innocent of the claims against him.

He said he believes Mary Patterson is lying.

He also claimed that Mary has lied about her husband’s whereabouts and that Patterson has lied in his marriage to her.

Patterson and Turner are married in a civil union.

Mary Patterson said she and Patrick were “very close” during their marriage, and they shared a “very special bond” and shared a mutual love of animals.

Patterson did tell Mary Patterson that he planned to get a divorce from her if she ever got a child, Patterson told the judge.

Patterson also said he wanted a divorce because of a divorce plan he had with Mary Patterson, but she rejected it, Patterson claimed.

“Patrick Patterson and I never had a divorce,” Patterson told Judge Timothy O’Brien.

“I told Mary Patterson I would never divorce her, I said I would get a lawyer, get a doctorate, go to law school and I would teach her a lesson.”

Mary Patterson, 42, was married to Patterson for more 20 years and has three children with him, according the court papers.

Patterson told her the divorce was going to happen as soon as she got a divorce certificate, but Patterson claimed she was being deceitful.

Mary has been on probation since her arrest in January.

She was ordered to remain in jail until March 30, when she will be released from jail and will be able to get work, according court records.

Patrick Patterson was arrested after a police officer found him with Mary Patterson on a Sunday, March 3, 2016, in Ohio.

Patterson’s lawyer said Patterson was in Ohio on business and that Mary Patters family was in New Mexico when she was arrested.

The case is being prosecuted by the Ohio Attorney General’s office.

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