How the Big 12 could change the way it does business and what you need to know

The Big 12 has made a few moves that might be seen as controversial by some, but many other schools will also see similar changes.

The conference has made moves to eliminate the annual conference title game and has made some significant moves to make the conference more financially viable.

Now, we will take a look at some of those changes and see how they affect the conference’s future.

While the Big 11 made some major changes to its business structure, it is not the only conference to have a significant change in how its money is distributed.

The conference will be distributing $1.7 billion more annually than it was previously, according to the release.

That’s a lot of money for a conference that is not in the top-tier leagues in the country, but it is a lot less than the $3.9 billion that the Big East had when it was in its first year of existence in 2006.

The Big 12 also decided to use its current conference title as a means of generating more revenue, but that isn’t the only change.

The league will be using the Big Ten as a “financial conduit” to increase the amount of money that is being paid to players and conferences.

The league will pay the Big 10 a combined $1 billion a year over the next four years, but the Big 9 will not receive that amount.

The Big East will receive $1 million annually over the same period.

The Pac-12 and the Big South will each get $500,000.

The ACC will receive a combined total of $1,000,000 annually over four years.

The ACC and SEC will each receive $100,000 a year, while the Big West will receive an additional $50,000 in each of the next two years.

The AAC will receive the same amount, but with the addition of a $25,000 scholarship for the next year.

As part of the move, the Big 15 will become the league’s only non-power conference in 2017.

The other conferences that will not be able to use the Big Eight title in 2017 will be the ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, SEC and Big West.

The only conferences that are allowed to use that title in 2018 will be conference members.

The move is also expected to increase revenue by $300 million annually, which will be spread across conference teams.

The move will also increase revenue for the Big 14 by $1 per member over the coming five years, which is roughly the same as the Big 8.

The revenue for conference member schools is expected to grow by about $25 million annually.

It seems like the Big Six and Big Ten have decided to take their money elsewhere, which could affect how many conference championships will be awarded this year.

The two schools have decided not to compete in the title game because they want to have more flexibility in the conference business.

The decision has caused some frustration for Big Ten fans and the conference has not been thrilled about it.

The SEC is also looking to sell the Big XII title and have a stronger conference than it has had in the past.

The financial picture for the conference may also be affected by the conference making more moves in other areas.

The current conference titles are in effect for the first four years and then the Big Dance will be announced in 2019.

That is a pretty significant change from the Big 6’s first three years in the Big Era, when the Big One had no championship games and the BCS was set up to award a single championship per conference.

The next four conferences are expected to be the Big12, SEC, Pac-10, Big East and Big 12.

If the Big Ones and the Pac-11 can’t come to terms on a title in 2020, the next conference championship will be determined by the league.

The new conference will then go on a two-year journey to determine the winner.

The SEC is currently one of the top conference powers in the nation, but has had some issues with the Big Bowl.

The loss of that game is expected, as well as the conference having to find a way to retain the Big Nine title.

The next two conferences are likely to be added to the conference that was previously the Big X.

The two new conference titles that will be decided this year will be for the Atlantic Coast Conference and the Mountain West.

If that conference cannot find a winner in 2019, the conference could be forced to move to a new conference in 2020.

If the Pac 12 is not able to find its own championship in 2020 because of the conference being forced to relocate, the Pac 13 will be added.

The remaining conference titles will be given out to the new conferences in 2019 and 2020.

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