“Thank you for taking the time to inquire about JMD Custom Homes. - When it comes to custom home building, we hope you'll find JMD a cut above the rest.

In our opinion, a custom home doesn’t necessarily mean an expensive home - rather, we believe it relates to a home that is designed and built to address the specific needs and dreams of a family, relating to design functionality, comfort, enjoyment, and budget. We understand that irrespective of the size of the home, each homeowner’s needs and dreams are unique to each situation.

We realize there are many choices in selecting a homebuilder. When you choose JMD Custom Homes, you know that your new home will be backed by the building experience of some of the finest craftsmen in the industry, utilizing superior quality materials produced by world renowned manufacturers, and built under a watchful eye, ensuring attention to the finest detail. In home-building, the difference is in the details, and you’ll appreciate our incredible attention to detail at JMD Custom Homes.

We understand that finishing touches are what make a house a home, which is why we developed our “JMD Distinction” philosophy. Just as you take pride in your work and family, we take pride in ours.

We strive to deliver every home we build in the “JMD Distinction” principle, with all walk-through items completed before move-in.”

-Neil Seth
JMD Custom Homes


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